Ceramic Restorations

cerecrestorationWhen it comes time to restore your molar tooth or to replace an aging silver amalgam, Kerhoulas Dental provides you with the latest chairside technology – Esthetic Ceramic Restorations (CEREC).

Developed in Switzerland over 20 years ago, Ceramic Restorations are the result of sophisticated CAD/CAM imaging, high strength ceramics and new age bonding resins. A Ceramic restoration is placed worldwide every 20 seconds!

Ceramic Restorations provides you with restorations that:

  • Are biocompatible
  • Match your tooth colour
  • Are metal and mercury free
  • Wear at a similar rate to tooth structure
  • Do not require an impression
  • Are bonded for added strength
  • Minimize hot & cold sensitivity
  • Conserve natural tooth structure
  • Are placed in a single visit
  • Restore your tooth to its natural beauty, function and strength